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Our Team

David A. Harris (Founder)

David Harris founded Holly-Wood Refinishing nearly ten years ago.

His goal was to provide an affordable, outstanding refinishing service with a clean, family friendly environment.  

Brooke Harris (Lead Crew Manager)

Brooke Harris started her first refinishing job over ten years ago, and 

has been overseeing ever since. 

Specializing in fine details, Brooke leads the crew with a knack for knowing what each unique type of wood will require. 

Maci Belle (Sales and Marketing Specialist)

Maci Belle has spent the last two years specializing in sales and marketing. While her love of art makes her a necessary addition to certain jobs, She spends most of her time in sales, marketing, and customer service. 

Cherri Harris (Supervisor/Secretary)

Cherri Harris is the co-founder of Holly-Wood Refinishing, 

and her organized, and confident spirit makes her an irreplaceable fixture in the company. Cherri is the Supervisor and Secretary. 

Zach Tatum (Assistant Adviser)

Zach Tatum is the Assistant Adviser and specializes in a unique spray technique. This enables the jobs to go faster, and gives the cabinets an extra durability, leaving the end result a flawless, durable kitchen. 

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